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Services Offered

  • Sandline
  • Tubing Line
  • Crane Lines
  • Drill Line & Guy Lines
  • Winch Lines
  • Nylon Slings
  • Sand Line Splicing
  • Portable Spolling Service
  • Grade 80 & 100 Chain
  • Fall Safty Protection
  • Recertification & Pull Test
  • Chain & Cable

Certified Rigging Gear

Maximum Quality, and Efficiency

At Woodward Wire Rope & Slingline L.L.C., we focus on SUPPORT — support for your industry’s need to anchor, pull, lift, span, suspend, control, transmit, and move people, equipment, and materials worldwide.

Our support starts with innovative products, technical solutions, and customized services. That support continues with our unwavering commitment to in-house technical expertise, global availability, exceptional quality, and highly responsive customer service.

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When it comes to showing you the ropes, no one does it like Union. Our products are backed by years of experience in the field, at your side.




For the oil and gas industry, finding and accessing new sources of energy depends on global availability of extraordinarily tough drilling lines, geophysical cable, offshore mooring ropes and electromechanical cable that let you explore and extract resources buried deep beneath the earth’s surface.



Solving tough problems in unique applications. Mining, oil and gas, crane and general purpose wire ropes are tested, tough & true.